Participants needed for physical activity post breast cancer study


In partnership with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Dr. Catherine Sabiston and Angela Fong, a research assistant and PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, are conducting a study titled Increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour: MOVING research into practice Part 2: An assessment of physical activity needs for Canadian breast cancer survivors.

Fong said, “Much the breast cancer survivor data to date focuses on older survivors (mean age of many studies is around 55-60 years old). Breast cancer can affect younger women as well, and it is important to have their voices heard. By having a representative sample of Canadian breast cancer survivors, this study will identify the salient unmet needs that survivors have with regards to physical activity. This will allow for the development of resources that meet these needs and increase physical activity levels in breast cancer survivors.”

The team will conduct a needs assessment, an environmental scan of the main cancer clinics in Ontario for physical activity resources, and focus groups with cancer care clincians to determine their unmet needs to counselling patients on physical activity.

Right now, they could use your help with an online questionnaire (estimated 20-25 minutes to complete).

To participate, you must:

“The study is part of a larger Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation grant that will address the knowledge-to-action gap between the accumulating evidence supporting the benefits of physical activity for breast cancer survivors and the fact that as many as 90 per cent of breast cancer survivors are not active enough,” said Fong.

Please complete the questionnaire at Your answers will help to develop physical activity materials and opportunities to help more women be more active.


If you know other breast cancer survivors, please ask them to complete the questionnaire, too!

Please contact Angela at if you have any questions.

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