12th Annual walk keeps survivor’s memory alive

September 3, 2013

DGMW2013 4247By Lesley Morrissey

I have worked at YACC for almost seven years now, but I had yet to attend a Darryl Gorman Memorial Walk until this year. Even though I had never attended a walk, it always held a special place in my heart. Darryl was one of Geoff’s first “cancer buddies,” and from the way Geoff regularly speaks of him, I felt he was my friend, too.

Darryl’s friends and family have worked very hard over the past 14 years to keep his memory alive and strong in their community. While August 24, 2013 was a cold and rainy day, approximately 60 of Darryl’s friends and family came out to walk and to give back to YACC (a total of $5,432 so far this year!).

I was taken aback by Darryl’s presence when entering the Legion after the walk, in a good way. I know we never forget those we lose, but Darryl’s memory was so strong that day, you would never have known that 14 years have passed. I first looked around at his family and friends–with children of their own now running around–and thought, “This could be him, with his own family.” Then I realized, it was. He was there with each of them, and he will remain a part of everyone who walked that day. He is a part of their everyday lives: their birthdays, Christmases, every day.

What a legacy to leave behind.

Congratulations to all of Darryl’s friends and family; you keep Darryl’s memory alive and strong, something we all hope for.


Krista Gorman’s son, Kai Darryl!

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