41 weeks, really?

March 1, 2010

Looking back at 2009, I started to wonder how many hours we actually put in to pull off the year we just had. 2009 was the year of two Retreats (East and West), our first pilot of our one day workshops for young adults, and the biggest Survivor Conference to date. This had to take a lot of our time but how much is a lot?

Because I love what I do so much, while doing it, I never really took the time to stop and look at the big picture. It is now, while my job load is not crazy (yet 😛 ), that I am realizing what came with this past year. Between myself, Lesley, our Managing Director and my coach throughout the year, and Geoff, our Executive Director, we worked a total of 41 weeks, fulltime to organize all the events. You are probably thinking, “well that sounds about right, a year, fulltime to organize all the programs,” and you would not be wrong. What stunned me was realizing that the majority of these hours were jammed over a five-month period, not 10 months. Kind of like giving birth to four babies at 20 weeks instead of 40. Surprising and a little exhausting, but bringing so much joy and love that you forget all about the pain and want more (that’s what I am told having babies is like anyway).

Passion gets you to accomplish a lot, great teammates also support and help you always do a little more a little better, but what keeps us going is who we are doing this for. The energy, love, strength, inspiration, and courage that young adults bring to each of our events is what makes us go. They are the gas to the engine along with all our supporters, donors, professionals helping throughout. It may sound cheesy, but it’s the simple truth.

After taking some time to rest and gear up for 2010, I feel definitely ready to take it by the b*lls and make it even more amazing than last year. The tiredness left my body and I now feel grateful and privileged that I will get to do this all over again this year, with some minor changes.

First stop, Retreat Yourself May 27-31, 2010 in Abbotsford, BC. Registration is now open and we still have few spots left. For more details check our Retreat Home Page.

Watch out 2010, here we come!

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