Shifting Gears: Fresh Start?

Shifting Gears: Fresh Start?

Happy New Year everyone, hope you had a fantastic holiday season.

Today seems to be the day when we have that fresh start mind-set… at least we probably will when we recover from last night. Today is as good a day as any to look back, see how things flowed over the past while, and then look ahead. Resolutions are a staple for some, others never make them. I can see both sides of the coin. I do think it’s a great idea to make some commitments to improve yourself and your life, and if you decide that today is a good day to do that, that’s great.

I have been having a whole collection of really interesting thoughts lately about awareness, and the one I have tonight relates to a story I read on TV tonight. In two screens of words I read about a 10 year old boy who died in a house-fire in Stephenville, Newfoundland. The fire started from a pot of fat that was left on the stove, if I remember correctly, however the boy managed to escape before the flames tramped him in. But once he had escaped he realized his dog was still in the house and he went back in to attempt to save his puppy’s life.

Would you give your life for someone else? Would you risk yours to attempt to save another?

I was really struck when I read those few words about that story… what a way to go. If I had to choose a way to leave this world, putting my life on the line to save another, that’s a way I would choose.

That got me thinking about awareness, as I really do believe that most all of us would help another who was in need, whether it was something as significant as attempting to save their life, or as relatively simple as lending a shoulder to cry on, I believe most all of us would do that for those to which we have great and no connection. However if we are not aware of the need, things seem to change.

Having been in need of many other people’s help so consistently in the past 4 years I have great experience with people’s amazing generousity and desire to help, when they recognize a need. When I was sick, there were often many people writing, calling, visiting, generally making the effort to help me and my family in anyway they thought they could help. I also have the experience of having needs as a Patient and a person, that aren’t as prominent (needs that other’s may not be aware of), and in my experience those needs don’t receive near the same attention, regardless of how significant they are.

I don’t feel there is any real fault in that situation, just a reflection of how we all act when we are aware of a given need. And I guess the big thing that I have taken from my thoughts about awareness is that there is a major correlation between my awareness and my openness. Simply, the more open I am to others, their experiences and troubles, their opinions and beliefs, and to the world in general, the more aware I become. And as I become aware I am better able to make decisions to help where I feel I can help.

This email group was started with that awareness concept in mind now that I think of it. It is my goal that by being a member of this email group you will become more aware of some of the things a young Patient experiences, aware of some of the things that are really important in this life to you, aware that no matter how tough your situation may be there is often some one around who’s in a tougher spot, aware that this idea of making the effort to be Positive can really have a major impact on your life, aware that Love is powerful, aware that you can make a difference in the lives of others, and aware that today, and everyday, is for living and loving.

Hope you’re ready for 2003 and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

Live life. Love life.


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