Shifting Gears: Shifting Gears

Shifting Gears: Shifting Gears

I am feeling that it may be time for me to switch gears, or at least switch the direction in which I have been heading. Then at the same time what I have planned may not be much of a switch at all, it may just be in my mind. As of Monday I began to hit schools, present some of my story to them, and Challenge the students to join a new “School Challenge Email Group” that is now set-up on the RealTime Cancer website, and I think that process warrants a slight change in gears, or direction.

For the students who are on this email group, you are more than welcome to stay on it, however the School Challenge group is one that I have set-up only for students… it will be a forum that we can use to talk about different things, some that are specific to the RealTime Cancer Challenge that your school may be participating in, and other things that are more on our level, leaving the “grown-ups” on their own so to speak. As I said this group is still open to anyone, but if you are a student, or young adult, the School Challenge group will probably be of greater interest to you. It will be a place where I’ll share a collection of my experiences from the past 4 years, and the past 26 for that matter, and I’ll also talk at great length about some of my favourite topics, of which Positive Attitude is one. If you aren’t already a member of the School Challenge group, which was only set-up last week.

As for those who don’t quite fall into the “young” category, but fit more comfortably into the “young at heart” category, I am thinking that this is a good time for me to begin a transition with this email group, this group that I started almost exactly 4 years ago. One time, a long time ago, I was feeling that it was right for me to end the email communication but I decided that this group is something that I plan to have and connect with for a long time, assuming there is at least one person out there who wants to hear/read my ramblings. Up to this point, since opening this email group to the whole community after my relapse in July 2001, there have been a whole collection of people in the group, all ages, all places, etc. And while that most certainly won’t change I do feel that now is a good time for me to redefine the purpose of the group a little. Not entirely just a little.

Going forward I really feel that I want to focus on my perspective of my Challenges, I am wanting to get a little deeper into my thoughts and explore some of them. I will still very much focus on the Patient side, the experiences I have as a Patient, both within the healthcare system as an “active Patient” and as I continue rebuilding myself, increasing my activity and pursuing my goals and dreams. I guess what I’m really wanting to say is that I would like to get a little more opinion oriented, and maybe I’ve always been that way, but at this time I’m wanting to share more of my thoughts about life and most everything in it. So that’s my intent going forward with this group. As I said, you may not notice any difference from my messages in the past, but something within me felt that I should attempt to clarify this internal desire.

If you are leaving us, I hope you are able to take away some Positive things from this email group experience and it’s been great to have you along for the ride to this point.

If you are sticking around, you can count on hearing from me again soon.


Live Life. Love Life.


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