A new web series about young adults and cancer

After a film about young adults dealing with cancer on a kayaking expedition, and a short film about young adults dealing with cancer on a sailing trip, Mike Lang is set to launch his third film project on young adult cancer issues on April 3, 2013 (learn more about all three projects here).

The series is called Valleys and will chronicle two-time cancer survivor Amy Aubin and her friend, Annie, as they join Survive & Thrive Expeditions on a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon.

In his introduction on the Huffington Post on March 20, 2013, Mike said, “The hope is that through this webseries we will be able to see cancer from many different perspectives leading to open, honest communication with the people we love.”

Webisodes will be uploaded each Wednesday to the Huffington Post‘s “Generation Why” section where they feature stories and information on young adult cancer.

Mike and Amy are members of the YACC community, and we are excited to watch this project unfold and expose young adult cancer issues to a whole new audience.

Please click here for more information.

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