AB retreat options from the Tapestry Retreat Program


We know how powerful Retreat Yourself can be, but we also know people sometimes have scheduling conflicts or travel concerns and can’t make it. We try to tell you about other options that are out there whenever we can so as many people as possible are able to get out there and have a life-changing experience.

Right now, The Tapestry Retreat Program with Alberta Health Services is accepting applicants for all of their events through the end of 2013.

They said, “The program includes group sessions, yoga and meditation, creative activities, massage, and time away from everyday commitments in beautiful surroundings.”

Tapestry Retreats are spread out over five days in a “retreat and renewal centre” near Calgary, AB. Survivors who have recieved, or are recieving, treatment in Alberta or the Northwest Territories will should expect to pay a fee less than $300 as the majority of the costs have have been covered largely by grants and programs. People from outside that area will be expected to pay $2,500-$3,600 to attend the event.


If you have any questions or require further information please contact the Tapestry Retreat Coordinator at (403) 355-3207.