Attend a workshop on physical fitness during and after treatment

September 2, 2011

imageScott Adams will be attending this year’s Survivor Conference to explain the role of exercise in protecting yourselves throughout treatment and in getting back to “life in the fast lane.” Here’s what he has to say about his presentation:

I know that trying to sift through all the conflicting information about physical fitness can be extremely discouraging. From battling fatigue to preventing long-term health complications, I will do my best to ensure that everyone walks away with a solid understanding of how something as simple as exercise can have a tangible and lasting impact on your lives.

Working as an Exercise Physiologist and the Young Adult Program Coordinator for Hope & Cope and the McGill AYA Oncology Program at the Jewish General Hospital, I have the privilege of helping Montreal’s young adult cancer community overcome the complex challenges that they face. Among several ongoing exercise oncology research projects that I am involved in, I am currently wrapping up a project looking at the impact of cancer and chemotherapy on nervous system and cardiovascular function in young adults (so, don’t hesitate to get a little “nerdy with it” during our Q&A sessions!).

My life was forever changed during my first, of two, YACC experiences (Retreat Yourself East, summer ‘09), when I had my eyes opened to this world of compassion and courage. Later that year, I had a chance to reconnect and meet some of YACC’s extended family at the Survivor Conference 2009. Although I’m going to miss the rock, I can’t wait for round three! See you in Ottawa.

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