Back for a break

July 25, 2013


Here is what I posted on my Facebook page Sunday night, on the eve of my return to YACC:

“Bye, bye mat leave. You were a great friend, but after 14 glorious months I have to leave you. I must go back to work…to get a break! Being a full-time mom is the hardest job in the world!”

While this is definitely true, it is still hard to leave your little bundle of joy with someone else for eight to ten hours a day. This, however, is made much easier when you have an awesome job, and truly wonderful colleagues like mine to return to!

YACC, as always, is a great place to work, and I should know–I have been here since 2007! I have held many positions within YACC: I first started in programs where I organized and delivered Retreats and Conferences, then I moved on to operations where I worked on financials, human resources, etc. all the while “dabbling” in fund development and other aspects of the organization. This time around I am lucky enough to get back to the grass roots of YACC–the Survivors!

I am going to try and fill the very large shoes of Ms. Shali Manuel (who is currently enjoying her own maternity leave) and I will take on our very cool Localife program. I will also be working within the grassroots of fund development through the coordination of our third party events. This new role is sure to be a challenge, but I am jumping in with two feet and I just know I am going to love it!

It is good to be back!

You can contact Lesley at or (709) 700-1978.

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