Be prepared, not paranoid, and celebrate the end of treatment

When your treatments end, you’re expected to be delighted. Of course, you’re wondering “What happens next? How do I go back to a treatment-free routine? Will it come back?”

The Mayo Clinic says the period of waiting for appointments and test results can be one of the most anxious periods of a cancer experience. Regular interaction with your doctor and cancer centre assures you of progress and offers frequent opportunities to detect and deal with new developments. There is a lot of room for uncertainty when you’re only going back every three months, six months, year, and then only once every five years.

They offer the following tips to keeping calm, informed, and prepared:

These things considered, don’t live in fear, just live attentively. You have experienced this before so you know which areas of your life will need some extra attention should you have to take that journey again. Be prepared, and celebrate your milestones!