BREAKING NEWS: Knock off Shave toques found on Canadian streets

April 1, 2015

Security cam copyFeehan is seen allegedly  auctioning off knock off Shave toques in this security camera footage

After years of fending off requests from non-Shavers looking to acquire one of our coveted, signature yellow toques it appears a forger has entered the market. Early investigations lead back to Joe Feehan, the swindler implicated in last year’s black market hair trade which saw braids and ponytails donated during Shave season getting shipped off to a remote village nestled in the Himalayas.

The counterfeit toques were initially discovered at an outdoor farmer’s market in Western BC when a Shave toque collector asked a fellow spectator where they got a white Shave toque. The aficionado, who asked to be called “Reg,” has been collecting toques since Shave for the Brave started back in 2006.

“I have now Shaved for the Brave ten times, which means I have ten yellow toques in my display case. There have been some changes to the name of the organization, the website, and the design of the embroidery on the toques, but they have always remained beautiful, bright yellow,” said Reg. “When I saw that little white number, I was initially stricken with a deep sense of longing, but then the warning bells went off, and I started thinking Razor wouldn’t stand for such an obvious deviation.”

Not sure if you got swindled? Here is a quick survey to determine if you have a bona fide toque:

1. Did you Shave for the Brave?
a. Yes – Your toque is 2legit2quit
b. No – You have a knock off. Please bring your toque to the attention of the authorities at YACC immediately.
c. I can’t remember (Go to question two.)

2. Where did you get your toque?
a. At a Shave for the Brave event or at YACC HQ – You likely Shaved. If you are not sure, contact us.
b. In the mail – You may have Shaved; contact us to know for sure.
c. On a street corner or another non-YACC affiliated event – Your toque is not legit and should quit. Please report yourself to the authorities immediately.
d. I can’t remember (Go to question three.)

3. Have you recently received a traumatic blow to your head?
a. Yes – Please visit a doctor immediately.
b. No – Just in case, please visit a doctor immediately.

Anyone caught peddling forged toques will be forced to undergo six months of Shave for the Brave recruitment.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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