Breast cancer survivors needed for study

Young Breast Cancer Survivor Flyer - Feb 5

Lianne Trachtenberg and her team from the University of Toronto, Applied Psychology and Human Development are recruiting participants for their study, “Identity As A Predictor Of Psychosocial Adjustment In Young Breast Cancer Survivors.”

Trachtenberg said, “One of the most devastating and often persistent challenges facing breast cancer survivors involves coping with changes to their functioning and appearance. These challenges are more pronounced in younger breast cancer survivors who are at an increased risk of poor quality of life (QOL). The illness can disrupt the connection between survivors’ pre-illness identities and post treatment self-perceptions, and challenge survivors who feel unable to live up to their pre-illness ideals. To date, no studies have investigated identity as a predictor of psychosocial adjustment.”

Through this research, they will look at “whether identity integration, defined as the reformation of post-illness identities, is a significant predictor of psychosocial adjustment among young breast cancer survivors,” and how that’s related to “the integration of the illness experience into one’s identity, and the integration of values that counteract traditional gender role expectations into one’s identity.”

“By exploring innovative research on identity integration as a predictor of adjustment among young breast cancer survivors, this research can aid health practitioners in providing counselling and educational services that empowers young women to learn to maximize their health, QOL, and longevity. In turn, these services may support and foster self-nurturing appraisals for young women that build self-worth, increase acceptance of past trauma, and grieve for aspects of a former self to make room for a reintegrated self,” said Trachtenberg.

How to particpate

You can take this online questionnaire, or contact Lianne Trachtenberg ( or 416-978-0834) if you are in the Toronto area and would like a face-to-face interview.


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