Brightening our future with LED lights

February 1, 2011

For the third year in a row, the Snow Treasures Committee, a group involved with the Department of Recreation and Healthy Living in Torbay, held the annual Winterlights festival in aide of Young Adult Cancer Canada and donated close to $600.

Light It Bright—formerly known as Light It Bright, Make It Right—started as an initiative to light up the town with environmentally friendly LED lights around Christmas each year.

“We wanted to light up the town and brighten the futures of young adults diagnosed with cancer,” said Kristina Roche, a YACC volunteer who is also involved with the Snow Treasures.

People in the community and the Allied Youth Group collected donations and for every $5 raised, another light was hung at the town hall.

It started when they added to the decorations at the town hall and hung some lights on the roof. The next year, they had more for the roof and decorated the Kinsmen Centre, Torbay’s community centre.  This year, they were able to light up more of the town’s infrastructure.

Kristina said, “We usually light them up at the tree-lighting ceremony in the first week of December, and then leave them up through Christmas and January.”

Thank you to Kristina, the Snow Treasures Committee, the Town of Torbay, and all of our supporters there. We really appreciate your continued generosity.

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