Cancer care gaps in the spotlight

Survivors age 15 to 29 don’t fit into the system

By Joanna Freketich,  the Hamilton Spectator

Paula Smith is 36 years old and already she’s had cataract surgery, walked with a cane and developed osteopenia or lower than normal bone density

It’s a result of the cancer she beat as a teenager growing up in Hamilton. She wants her doctors to do a better job of watching her health and following the side effects of her cancer and treatment.

It’s one of many issues she’s raising with a national task force meeting in Toronto today and earlier this week to identify gaps in cancer care for young people aged 15 to 29.

The Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Task Force co-chaired by Hamilton pediatric hematologist and oncologist Dr. Ronald Barr aims to identify the problems, find solutions and get them fixed.

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