Cancer Connections Finale in Ottawa

PhotoSensitive, in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society has been hosting the travelling Cancer Connections photo exhibition to increase awareness of cancer and engage Canadians in a conversation about the cancer experience.

The finale of this project is taking place on Tuesday, June 1st at Major’s Hill Park, Ottawa

(close to the Chateau Laurier Hotel) at 12 noon

This will be a wonderful way to celebrate an amazing two years in which the exhibition has visited every province in Canada.

The Cancer Connections group wanted to send a note to the subjects of the show: As the show travelled across the country, it did experience some damage due in part to freak weather conditions and other external reasons. Sadly, due to space constraints, some of those damaged panels were not replaced.

The vast majority of the photos that appeared in the travelling show will be on display in Ottawa (around 530). They will also have a touch screen unit for the duration of the opening, which will be displaying every single one of the 1,000 Cancer Connections images.

If you are planning on coming to Ottawa and concerned that your photo may be among the damaged panels, please email the Project Coordinator (James Burns, {encode=”” title=””}) and he will confirm with you whether it is still in the show.

Congratulations to the whole PhotoSensitive team! It has been a successful two years and we hope they have a great turnout at their finale!

For more information on the project please visit the Cancer Connections Site by clicking here.