Cancer View Canada

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, in collaboration with a network of regional and national partners, has launched a new portal called Cancer View Canada ( This is a very interesting site with many options available to cancer patients, survivors, supporters, and health professionals.

For patients it offers the following services, among others:

-Online & Telephone Support Directory which will help you connect with web-based cancer networks and resources.

-Community Services Locator which will list local community services throughout the country.

-Canadian Virtual Hospice which provides support and information about palliative and end-of-life care.

-SAGE (Standards and Guidelines Evidences) which provides information to support evidence-base practices.

However, the one that interests me the most is the Canadian Cancer Trials database. This is a national database of clinical trials in Canada. Here you can find out which trials are looking for patients, and even if you do not find an existing one that fits for you, you can register to be alerted when new information becomes available. This is very exciting in the young adult cancer world. Currently there are very few clinical trials for young adults, and if there are, they are very difficult to find. This database will hopefully eliminate some of the barriers for participation.

The site offers many other resources for cancer control, prevention, screening, supporting the journey, and much more. It is definitely worth a look!

Here is the link to the site, or you can check out our list of cancer related links to find it!