Choosing the right sunscreen

Summer is officially around the corner; we're moving out onto our picnic blankets and taking the old 10-speed instead of the car. While we should wear sunscreen all year to protect ourselves from the sun's harmful rays, it is especially important when we start spending more time outside.

The above video by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund is making its rounds on the Internet. It encourages young people to take precautions to prevent skin cancer, and reminds older people to keep an eye on their epidermis for changes. It's powerful and poignant and is making people think twice before heading to the tanning salon.

The MD Anderson Cancer Centre has published a go-to guide on their blog of what you need to remember when you're picking out your sunscreen this year. We recommend taking a few minutes to learn what they suggest, but here's the overview:


Stay safe, have fun!