Climbing mountains is as tough as it looks

August 19, 2012


“Our group before the big hike.”

A lot of people want to hike Gros Morne, but only a fraction of them will ever get around to it. As of Saturday, the Retreat Yourself Adventure participants have that experience under their belts.

Geoff’s Twitter is always good for a few shots from the day, and here’s what he shared with us:

image “Half way to the base, toughness and perseverence already at play to push through some injuries and late effects.”

image “Base of Gros Morne, have definitely felt better in my life, today is not the day for me.”

But the money shot came from Tim Buckland:


“So just climbed a f#%#ing¬†mountain. How was your weekend? #Boom”¬†

And, with her thoughtful daily recaps, Karine summed up the day by saying:

“RYA12: Adventure #3…taking on Gros Morne. I have no words. The strength and wisdom of this group is beautiful to witness. What a privilege to be spending time with all of you and discovering all your greatness. Thank you all so much for your love! Tomorrow is all about dreams and reward. Boat tour in the Fjords. Endbeginings.”

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