Congrats to Karalee Grant, winner of the National Medal of Courage

February 25, 2010

Sadly, Karalee passed away on March 8, 2010 after this article was published. Karalee was a great fighter and contributed a lot to the cancer community. For that we will always be grateful to her. On a personal note, I will always hold Karalee with me; she made a huge difference to our survivor community and to me. Please read the following article to see what an amazing person Karalee was. Karalee, with love always, Lesley


We at YACC received some very inspiring news on Monday. One of our awesome survivors, Karalee Grant from Manitoba, was recently named the Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) winner of the 2010 National Medal of Courage!

The Medal of Courage is awarded to an individual who has exhibited outstanding, unusual courage in their own personal battle with cancer, while contributing significantly to help further the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society or cancer control in general.

Karalee has been involved with the cancer community for a long time. She was a speaker for Chasing Rainbows when they visited Winnipeg. Since then, she has worked for CCS, had her photos taken for a cross country show, and done several speaking engagements.

Karalee has always made a difference in her community and for that we congratulate her!

Way to go, Karalee!

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