CPAC invites supporters to become part of a “virtual support group”

imageThe Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC) in partnership with St. Michael’s Hospital has created a video series called The Truth of It to share stories from cancer surviviors to help them tell people more about their experiences. Now, they are looking to speak with people who have lived with or cared for individuals dealing with cancer to be able to offer the supporter perspective.

“While it seems that there are often multiple support groups for individuals who have cancer, there is very little support existing for family members and/or caregivers,” they said.

“We…plan to focus on sharing the stories of caregivers, with the intention being that these interviews will function as a ‘virtual support group’ for individuals living with and caring for cancer patients.”

Your participation would involve an initial telephone conversation with the person and if mutually agreeable to the interview, a subsequent face to face interview (two to three hour time commitment) whereby their story will be filmed for a five- to 10-minute clip used to help other people going through cancer.

If you are interested in sharing your story or would like to receive more information, please contact Kirsten Jordan at, or by phone at 416-915-9222 ext 5790.