Do you have YACC’s back?

December 17, 2012

YACC is working with our marketing team to develop a short video about YACC for sponsorship pitches and various other uses, and we need your help. The idea is to use your video submissions to emphasize how YACC is a growing community of young adults across the country that has each others backs.

There is no pressure to participate, but if you are interested, we think this video can be really cool.

Here are the questions we need you to answer

  1. What’s your name? Ex. “I’m Jenny Grace!” “Hi, Darrell Drake!”
  2. What was your diagnosis? Ex. “I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma when I was 18.”
  3. Give a brief summary on how how YACC has supported you, or how being a part of the community has affected your life. Try to keep this within a minute.
  4. Give a brief conclusion emphasizing you’re there for the YACC community. Ex. “I’m here.” “Yup, I gotcha.” “Here with you.” “Gotcha.” “I got your back.” “Winnipeg’s with you.” “Shout out from Burnaby!”

Tips for recording

You can use your phone or webcam. Choose a favourite place that doesn’t have a lot of background noise (i.e. a living room, your bed room, quiet outdoor space). Be positive. Smile. Look right in to the camera. Speak fluently. Own it!


Now! They want to get working on this ASAP, so take a couple of minutes this week and get it done. It’s an easy good deed!

Getting it to us

The agency we’re working with says the best way to send us this video is through YouTube.

If you don’t already have a YouTube account:

Thank you for your consideration, and please get in touch with Angie ( or Beth ( if you have any questions.

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