Exciting things happening for Localife West

Exciting things happening for Localife West


Localife has been going strong since July 2012, and while we understand our leaders can’t always stick around forever, it’s never easy to see them go! As you may remember, Meghan took over for Brandon in Ottawa last year, and Ashley recently stepped away in Edmonton. Colin in Calgary has also decided to step down as the group organizer effective June. We hope Brandon, Ashley, and Colin know how much we have enjoyed having them on the team, and we look forward to hearing about all the other cool stuff they’re doing (in addition to attending Localife events, of course).

But we’re not here to stroll down memory lane; we’re here to celebrate! We are uber excited about announcing we have selected four incredible leaders to join the Localife family!

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Annemarie McCrie is joining forces with our “host with the most” Dan Nielsen in Edmonton; and our wonderful, creative leader in Calgary, Michelle, will be partnered with Kevin Yorston. Both Annemarie and Kevin have been members of Localife in the past, so they will not be a stranger to anyone.

Our remaining new leaders are a dynamic duo that will be launching Localife in a brand new city! That right, Bernadette Leno and Lisa Couture are heading up Localife Vancouver! If you are in (or near) Vancouver you should join the Localife Vancouver Facebook group to ensure you don’t miss out on any of their upcoming events!

I am happy and excited to get together with these new leaders in May for Localife training. Once they are all trained up, we will unleash them on our survivor community and we know they will rock just as our past leaders have done.


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