Exercise important for cancer survivors

By Sheryl M. Ness, Mayo Clinic

I love to walk every day. I usually walk outside so that I have a chance get some fresh air and check to see new wildflowers that are growing along the road and just take in the beauty around me. As I was thinking about writing this blog about exercise, I wondered; why is exercise so important to me?

When I’m walking, my mind is free to think about anything. Sometimes I think about work, other times it’s relationships, my plans for the coming week, and on and on. I realized that walking is my way of meditating and working through stress. When I return from my walk; I feel energized, relaxed and happy.

Adding a little exercise to your day can make a big difference. As a cancer survivor it’s important to take care of your physical and emotional health. Research has shown that adding moderate exercise to your routine can actually improve your physical health, reduce stress and improve quality of life. You may want to talk with your doctor, physical therapist or exercise specialist to outline a plan that’s safe (especially if currently receiving treatment) and enjoyable to you.

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