Face the Sun™: Cool new film

February 18, 2010

Last week I posted a news post about a cool new film in the works titled Face the Sun. I have since chatted with the film’s writer/producer, Mike Moroz of Sunflower Pictures.

Mike is an independent film maker who is in the process of producing the feature film which follows a young family confronting a diagnosis of breast cancer. (To read the news post from last week please click here.)

The reason I am posting this blog now is that after talking with Mike, I felt it was worth mentioning this project one more time. Mike started this project after losing a friend to breast cancer. She was misdiagnosed at 29. We all know that these next infamous words are spoken all too often; “You’re much too young for breast cancer, it’s nothing.” Diane, Mike’s friend, lost her battle at the age of 34.

Mike took on this project to create awareness of cancer in young adults and to honour his friend. I believe that with enough awareness and knowledge created informing people that cancer CAN happen to young adults the less we will hear those infamous words. I hope that more young adults will have their voices heard, diagnosis will happen earlier and quicker, and less of our friends will die from this disease. That is why I wanted to bring attention to this project. The awareness that it can create will help young adults across the country.

To hear more about why Mike is doing this project, watch his YouTube video. For more information on the film visit http://www.facethesunmovie.com. Mike has also started a Facebook page: Facing the Sun, the Movie.

Good luck Mike. I am sure your project will honour Diane and will help to create the awareness that is desperately needed.