Facebook Group vs Facebook Page

July 8, 2009

When Facebook finally hit mainstream here in Newfoundland, it was pretty simple. There were people, photos, events, groups–that was it.

Then Facebook relaunched and added new applications. That was cool for the first day, then we all got hit by invitations to ‘Bite a zombie’ or to answer a quiz which seemed to have been written by an illiterate monkey on a typewriter. In short, not a whole lot of fun.

In the time since it seems to have moved back to normal but the Facebook team have since launched a new feature: Pages. These are similar to groups but, from the point of view of the administrator, they offer some great advantages.


The first is that we can target messages sent out to the group by geography, gender, and age. So we will be able to connect with our supporters in Montreal if we were to have a one day workshop there. Or send out a Touch Yourself reminder to guys that was different than that for girls.

We’ve also added a Facebook RSS application to our page so it should update itself every time we make a new post on the website. This is great for us as it will allow us to keep focused on improving in one key area: making our website really fantastic and engaging.


The other thing is that offers some actual statistical analysis of what we’re doing. When combining this information with the data we’ve been collecting with Google Analytics, we can hopefully pull out some information that will teach us how we can improve on what we’re doing: to help end the isolation for young adults in Canada dealing with cancer.

So if you haven’t already, we would love it if you became a fan of us on Facebook, and invite any friends who might be interested.

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