Family is possible after cancer

“If his mother hadn’t struck up a conversation with a stranger in a waiting room, Dan Shapiro would never have become the biological father of Alexandra, 13, and Abigail, 9. Dan was a 20-year-old junior in college when doctors diagnosed stage 2 Hodgkin’s disease. His treatment was to be six cycles of highly toxic chemotherapy followed by radiation.

Although more attention is now paid to loss of fertility among cancer patients, it is still too often overlooked by oncologists and patients, who may survive their disease but be left unable to reproduce. Neglect of fertility issues is especially common in cases involving children yet to reach puberty.”
Although this is an American article, which relates to American statistics, the issue of fertility is very real for any young adult dealing with cancer. This article shows the struggles young adult cancer survivors go through. To read the full article please Click Here.