First Descents Week Long Programs!

First Descents Week Long Programs outdoor adventure therapy for young adults with cancer!

First Descents provides free outdoor adventure therapy for young adults, ages 18-39, with cancer. These programs are all about having fun, getting outside, and pushing your limits through kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor activities. Their camps are structured and designed with you in mind. There is no need to have kayaking or climbing experience.

First Descents programs are free to all participants who are accepted. They ask that participants who are able pay just their travel expenses, however we do provide a limited number of travel scholarships for those who demonstrate financial need. We make every effort to not let monetary obstacles prevent people from participating in our programs. All first-time participants OR second-year participants still undergoing chemotherapy/radiation treatments are eligible for scholarships.

First Descents is located in the United States, but is open to Canadians.

For more information, or to apply visit: