Fog Cancer: Getting there, getting it done!

April 17, 2017

In less than two months, we will kick off our 10th annual Survivor Conference! I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of months connecting with amazing people to build our program; #FogCancer will offer some fun and exciting workshops and sessions.

I am really close to being done with only a couple of confirmations left to get. Soon — real soon — we will share all the details so you can get a feel of what will be offered at the Conference this year.

To get you pumped and excited, here are a few teasers. I can guarantee we will spend time clearing some of the fog that cancer can cause in your brain. We will also spend some time dancing like no one is looking, stretching to relieve pain, and creating to express shit that words can’t express. We will take time to breathe and calm the f**ck down. We will be inspired and lifted by beautiful people sharing their stories. We will climb Signal Hill because, well, because it’s just too cool for school! We might even take you to the most easterly point in North America. We will have some free time to connect, share, talk, laugh, and cry. We will sneak out for karaoke, trivia, and to laugh some more in the face of cancer.

Cancer may be an asshole, but you are rock stars!

Keep an eye on our website and social spaces for the details.

Can’t wait to see everyone in St. John’s; it’s going to be a time!

Program director


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