Fog Cancer: Make Survivor Conference bigger and better!

March 21, 2017

Programs like Survivor Conference are mostly funded through generous donations raised throughout the year, but with 8,300 new young adults being diagnosed with cancer each year in Canada, we are constantly meeting more potential YACCers than we can accommodate. Luckily, YACCers are superheros at looking after one another, especially when it comes to Survivor Conference — the biggest re/union of young adults affected by cancer in the country! They rise to the occasion and find ways to raise money to add a few extra hotel rooms, a few extra meals, and a few extra travel vouchers to get a few extra people in.

Talk about motivation.

Here are a few ways some super YACCers are looking out for their brothers and sisters this year:

Laura Perkins is f-ing cancer, $10 at a time, by selling car decals that help everyone behind you know you’re leaving cancer in the dust — which is exactly what how we hope Survivor Conference will make you feel!

Amber Pywell is offering some good, old-fashioned entertainment! For a $25 donation, “Madame Gypsy” will read your tarot cards; for $50, she’ll recreate your favourite photo from the Internet; $100 will get you a custom-narrated nature video; and for $125, she’ll recreate a scene from your favourite movie. It’s the best entertainment value for your money! Seriously.

Talented artist Julie Michaud has crafted two Chloe The Cancer Cat colouring books that she is selling for $12 each. The first round of Chloe’s colouring books did really well, and proceeds from this project will help send Julie and her YACC buddies to Survivor Conference!

Brian George and his partner, Krista, won’t be able to make the conference this year, but he said they’d still like to help out. Brian uses a wheelchair, and has wheeled himself across Halifax as a fundraiser in the past. He is planning a new route for this year, and will collect pledges for his effort.

He said, “I know not everyone is able to go to the conference, so I’d like to raise money so someone can go who otherwise wouldn’t have the funds to do so.” AWESOME!

Have an idea of your own, or any questions? Get in touch with Lesley at or 1 (877) 571-7325!

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