Fog Cancer: One week to go!

May 25, 2017

Hello survivors and supporters,

As you know, you are officially registered for the event and we cannot wait to see you!

This information package was originally sent to you on May 16 and it was intended to prepare you for the conference. I wanted to send it to you again today as many of you are starting to prepare for your trip.

As with the previous email, you will find:

Please take a good look at the weather forecast and then prepare for everything! NL is FAMOUS for its weather, and not in the same way Florida is. In one day we can have fall, winter, and summer (we never really have a spring). The past few days have been chilly and overcast. My best advice is to bring lots of warm layers so you can dress up or strip down as needed. I will also advise you bring something a little warmer for our Cape Spear excursion (it is ALWAYS colder there than St. John’s), and I would also bring a rain jacket, as rain is a common as bars in St. John’s (and umbrellas are useless; winds will send you flying!).

Please, take your time and go through this package. If you have any questions once you have gone through it please let me know!

I look forward to seeing you all in one week!