Free telelearning sessions for caregivers (October)

The Value of Acceptance: Managing the Changes Associated with Caregiving

Host organization: Family Caregivers’ Network Society

October 16, 2012 6:30 P.M. PST

Family caregiving comes along with many changes for everyone involved. Among these is the loss of how each person’s life used to be and their expectations for the future. When we first begin caregiving there is often a desire to try to maintain life as it once was. Family caregivers can burn out and quickly become overwhelmed trying to maintain things as they were before the change in health happened, rather than recognizing the reality of how the situation is now. In this tele-workshop we will explore the importance of acceptance and living in the “now” and focusing on how this can help to alleviate some of the stress of caregiving.

This session is reserved for residents of British Columbia. (Register)

Wills, trusts and other techniques for protecting the future of your ill relative

Host organization: Action on Mental Illness Quebec (AMI)

Speaker: Nathan Liebowitz, financial adviser

October 17, 2012 7 P.M. EST

Caregivers are often concerned about what may happen to their ill relative when they are gone. This session will address the financial aspects of these concerns and provide information on what caregivers can do in the present in order to secure their ill relatives’ future.

This session is reserved for residents of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.


Understanding and Overcoming feelings of Guilt

Host Organization: Alzheimer Society of Montreal

October 26, 2012 10 A.M. EST

This workshop aims to help caregivers better identify the factors that can cause feelings of guilt, especially when faced with difficult decisions about care. This workshop will also provide strategies for understanding and overcoming feelings of guilt.

This session is reserved for residents of Quebec. (Register)