Good things coming from our community


Alyson Woloshyn, a very active member of the Young Adult Cancer Canada community, has a blog where she talks about her experience with brain cancer from treatment to enjoying turkey dinners.

In one particularly helpful and inspiring post, she talks about fighting her blues by identifying what’s bringing her down. She writes:

“Specifically when I have the BLUES I feel Bored, Lonely, Unmotivated, Exhausted or Stressed. More importantly, through a lot of trial and error I have learned there isn’t a magic pill which effectively conquers all these characteristics. But rather there are specific strategies, unique to each basis, which have been proven effective to help me shake my blues. I just need to figure out what is really going on today, and then take the appropriate steps to remedy it.”

She has now published her blog entries into a book, Blogs For The Brain: A collection of blogs from my first year with cancer.

The price of the book varies from $15 to $37 depending on if you want the softcover or hardcover version and a portion of the proceeds go toward fighting brain cancer.

Alyson is a valued resource to us and we encourage you to check out her blog or buy her book for insight on the journey of a young adult cancer patient. She’s honest, optimistic (but not unrealistic), and Canadian. What more could you want?