Goodbyes and hellos

February 17, 2011


YACC took a major step in 2010 with the expansion of our operation out west in Calgary, AB. While we have seeds planted in every province, they were growing most rapidly in Calgary so the move made sense. It was made easier when Mike (Mikey) Lang, a survivor, program alumni, and adventure therapy guide, stepped up and offered to help move YACC forward, or westward as it were.

In the past year we’ve created some great stuff in Calgary that has enhanced the local community for survivors as well as strengthened the national young adult cancer community of YACC. The delivery of the Shave for the Brave in Alberta, the launch of the Localife (YACC’s local social support program pilot), and the public acknowledgement of our west coast presence were a few highlights that helped make us better at helping young adults across the country.

While great things continue to happen at YACC, the same can be said for Mikey’s personal life. In addition to staying healthy, Mikey and his wife Bonnie took their film, Wrong Way To Hope, public. YACC was honoured to be part of the Canadian premiere in Calgary. Later this year Mikey and Bonnie will assume management of an amazing retreat facility, Peacefield, just outside Calgary. Since he can’t do everything (no matter how much we admire him for trying!), Mikey will be stepping down as our Western Regional Coordinator after the 2011 Shave for the Brave season to make more room in his busy life to ensure Peacefield is as great as it can be.

We will continue to involve Mikey in as many programs and events as we can (like Survive & Thrive) and are looking forward to developing a great relationship with a new retreat centre.

YACC will begin our search for a new West Coast Program Coordinator promptly.  We want to say thanks for Mikey (and Bonnie) for their contribution and commitment to YACC and young adults with cancer. We know this step is a “hello” to a new partner as much as it is a “goodbye” to an existing colleague.

Live life.  Love life.


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