Valerie Pike, Chair

8_Val_BSC_Upper_Amherst_CoveWhere do you work, and what do you do there?
Recently “graduated” from the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation, NL Department of Education. My work has primarily encompassed high school French second language education with a brief and valuable stop at the Parole Board of Canada.

Where are you located?
St. John’s, NL

When did you join YACC’s Board of Directors?
May 2002

Why did you get involved with YACC?
My initial involvement was pre-YACC after Geoff was first diagnosed and he was forming RealTime Cancer from his hospital bed and his bedroom at home. Beyond gathering the courage to face his personal challenge, he was fiercely determined to share his cancer journey with other young people. I remember him coming back to high school to practice his first speech with no audience in my classroom. His story, his honesty and his determination to open the dialogue about young adult cancer was inspiring and hopeful. It still is.

What’s your favourite sports team/band/book/place in the world?
Sport: Tennis. Djokovic, Federer – incroyables!

Music: Andrea Bocelli, Ron Hynes, The Beastie Boys’ In Sound From Way Out instrumental album.

Book: les Misérables

Places in the world: Newfoundland and Labrador. Ocean and ponds, landscape and wildlife, St. John’s, and beautiful rural communities. As Geoff would say, “It’s the centre of the universe”!  The south of France is also a favourite.

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