Great video series on one hospital’s efforts for young adults with cancer

The Oregon Health & Science Univeristy says “cancer doesn’t care how old you are, but at OHSU, we do.” The hospital has filmed a series of five videos explaining why they concentrate on young adults, why cancer is different for the age group, and how they’re trying to help. While they are an American institution, their videos feature very important points that we try to promote.

The info is similar to our We Get It videos, as they discuss isolation, fertility, relationships, and more. These videos have a great sense of involvement and initiative from the health professionals, which is key to change.

They talk about why cancer is different in a young adult body rather than that of a child or older adult. Although it may look the same under a microscope, different metabolisms burn drugs differently. They also recognize giving a drug with a side effect of infertility to a 20-year-old has different consequences than prescribing it to a 60-year-old.

The OHSU is doing some great work, and we’re thrilled they are reconfirming the issues YACC tries to make known.

Have a look:

Part 1: Delayed diagnosis

Part 2: Challenges young adults and their care providers face

Part 3: Gaps in treatment

Part 4: Emotional needs

Part 5 is not yet released.