Half way is 30%?

Half way is 30%?

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We are a little way passed the half way point in our fiscal year; the YACC calendar starts on August 1. A lot of great work has happened, Retreat Yourself Adventure, the Big Cancer Hook-up, Localife rolling in six cities, and more young adults connecting to our network than ever before. Retreat Yourself BC kicked off yesterday and the Survivor Conference lies ahead.

There has also been lots of engagement from our donors and volunteers as we ramped up third party revenue thanks to the support of incredible champions. We took the Climb back to the community, and reached out to more connections than ever to work with them and their desire to help.

We have pushed harder than ever.

We had to push harder than ever.

These past 10 months have made the most intense time period I’ve had since YACC started in 2000. Challenges with lower revenue at the beginning of this year forced reflection and decisions  I never thought I’d face. We were dealing with a new reality and that forced adjustments to our plan, building support for that plan, and then implementing the plan.

We are over half way into the plan and we’ve seen the strongest results on revenue in our first two quarters ever. Exceptional donors and volunteers made it happen.


But no celebrating yet.

YACC’s fund development model sees more than 70 per cent of our revenue generated in the last two quarters. Our biggest mountains are ahead of us.

Anything worth having takes effort. We know how worth having YACC is and we’ve been putting in the effort.

We will keep putting in the effort. Special thanks to all of you have who had YACC’s back these past many months. If it was easy to build a national cancer charity for young adults in Canada, it would be done. It isn’t, thus it hasn’t.

Grateful for those who help in many ways to make it easier. Now back to work.


Live life. Love life.


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