“Hello” from Tracy

April 10, 2012

The warm welcome I have received from the YACC family goes to show that I have joined an awesome team! The positive and support environment is second to none, along with the talented members of the team who have amazed me with their commitment and devotion to their work. I feel blessed to be part of this team and honored to help in its growth and journey. I know with my experience in other non-for-profits I will be able to bring fresh perspective and new ideas to the operations.

I have known for a very long time that my career would be helping people but I wasn’t sure which direction my heart would lead me in. I have always been pulled towards organizations with mandates that I feel are empowering and positive and YACC is by far a very heart felt and uplifting group.

My experience as an Executive Director and Program Coordinator has shown me that I have a lot to give with great leadership, problem solving and people skills as well as the drive to help others. As the new Office Manager I hope that my skills and knowledge can be used to its max and add value as the team’s newest member. Therefore I see YACC as the perfect fit for my career goals and my hearts desires.

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