Hey Calgary! Have we got an event for you

October 11, 2011


We hope you all ate too much heavy food this weekend and are looking for a way to lighten up next weekend. How? By laughing your face off at The Boob Tour.

The Boob Tour is a comedy show from Calgary that supports organizations dealing with cancer, and they are holding a show to support YACC. They say there are two main philosophies of the tour: To raise awareness and funds for cancer charities, and to promote comedy and the power of laughter.

The show will be featuring four stand up comics including breast cancer survivor Allison Lane, and Star Search winner Tracey MacDonald. The show will also feature Lars Callieou who has a one-hour Comedy Network special, and James Uloth who has done over 2000 shows in four different countries.

When: October 16

Time: 8 p.m.

Where: The Laugh Shop

Tickets: $20

Get them at: 5940 Blackfoot Trail SE, Calgary, AB

Directions to the Box Office

Telephone: (403) 255-6900

Enjoy the show!

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