Holiday Appeal: Thank you survivors!

February 15, 2010

All of Young Adult Cancer Canada’s programs are free for young adult survivors and supporters. To be able to offer these programs for free YACC has a diversified menu of events, appeals, personal and corporate donors, etc. to raise the funding required.

One of these activities is our Holiday Appeal that we launched over the 2009 holiday season. The purpose of this blog is to thank the wonderful survivors and supporters who contributed to this project by allowing us to photograph them and include them in this appeal.

While we have already sent personal thank yous to each participant, I felt it was necessary to put our thank you to them out to the rest of the community.
One participant at the 2009 Survivor Conference had this to say after the event:

Thanks for giving young adults living with cancer a place to feel normal.”

As a participant of our events these individuals know the importance of feeling connected to a community of other young adults who understand the cancer experience as they do.

By giving Young Adult Cancer Canada the gift of their time (and their beautiful faces) these survivors made our 2009 Holiday Appeal, Here for the Holidays, a reality. With their help we raised more than $500 in a week! This was the first of its kind for YACC and we were very proud of the final production.

The involvement and support of these survivors allowed us to develop a unique and effective fundraising campaign that not only raised money for our support programs, but which also raised awareness among the Canadian public to the challenges young adults with cancer face.

For this, and so much more we thank our survivor community as well as those who donated to this year’s appeal. Your support and commitment is such a wonderful gift.

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