Hunting for the perfect spot!

November 25, 2009


Our 2009 season of events just finished and it was a wonderful experience for me. Organizing the Retreats and the Survivor Conference was as much a learning experience as a growing one. I am starting the new season with motivation, a little more confidence, and lots of excitement.

We are already in preparation for all the 2010 programs and the first step to getting there is finding the perfect space to hold all of our amazing events. For those of you who have attended a YACC retreat or a conference in the past, you know that finding the right place is not easy. We have so many things to consider; the location, the proximity to services, the menu options, space available, activities on site, and of course the budget. We have had wonderful experiences in the past on different location, but because we are getting bigger and also expending our programs (we now have two retreats a year and the Survivor Conference was doubled this year! It will be even bigger next year!), we need to explore new options.

While searching for the perfect spot, I see many that possess a lot of what we are looking for in appearance, but there is so much more behind the choice we make. One major criteria is the customer service we get from the establishment. We hope for every Retreat and Conference we will feel safe and cozy, even when getting bigger. I believe that cozy feeling starts with the owner(s) of the place. If they are open, flexible and sensitive to the work we do and to our needs, anything can happen!

My energy will go towards finding our little paradise wherever we hold our events. We know angels will already be attending, just need to find the right spot to maximize the experience. Any suggestions?