Increasing Activity: Did You Miss Me?

Increasing Activity: Did You Miss Me?

I don’t remember the last time I was away for this long, and by away I mean not writing. I apologize, as I do like to stay connected more frequently than I have in the past week or so. It’s not as if there haven’t been things happening, more to the point there have been so many things happening that I have chosen to wind down, try to relax and get my rest as opposed to ensuring that I connect with you all by writing a late night message.

I am wrapping up the busiest couple of weeks that I’ve had in the past year, as I prepare to head back to schools to launch RealTime Cancer’s main educational effort, the RealTime Cancer Challenge. The Challenge is really the reason I started RTC, as it’s all about my email group and bringing it to new audiences. Since we launched the first Challenge program 2 years ago, the concept has evolved incredibly and continues to, and I have been very occupied preparing for the first launch presentation, which will happen on Monday the 28th.

Many small and large details to tackle, and that has kept me out of your inbox. But most things are in order, or will be soon, and then I’ll get to hit a really great phase which sees me get to the schools, probably about 15-20 in the next 3-4 weeks, and connect, put my story and my perspective of Challenge out there, and see what happens.

Despite my serious increase in activity I am still feeling really well. Lower on energy, and I am in need of some extra sleep, which I will get this week. This past little while has been a great test for my stamina, and my resiliency continues to amaze me. I have been saying for so long that “I’m feeling far better than expected, sooner than expected”, for about 6 months now, that I’ve decided it’s time to change my answer to the “how are you” question. While I am still surprised by my progress and how well I am feeling, I am also near ready to move back into a mindset that is more “regular guy” and less “active Patient”.

When I am what I call “active Patient”, around the hospital a lot, having treatment, or on a ton of drugs I really have a different mindset, a different approach to my days. They are very relaxed, focused on resting and making sure I’m as comfortable as possible. However as I begin to make the transition back to “my old self” a little, my approach switches a little to include things that are in-line with my natural desire to make things happen. My priority of taking care of me, doesn’t leave, it’s important and it’s not going anywhere, but as I get more active it does have to share some space on the list with my other priorities. And getting back to schools is right up there.

Whatever negative effect increased activity, longer work hours, deadlines and meetings have on my physical health, sharing my story in person with others more than makes up for it on the emotional side. There’s a balance there, between my physical activity and emotional/mental desires, and it’s a constant effort but one that I’m so glad to be able to work on. Continuing the transition from “active Patient” to a state nearer “my old self” is a blessing, one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. Here… today… working on it.

Back soon, promise.


Live Life. Love Life.


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