It could happen to you

This article is based on American stats but the issues are the same for Canadians.

Angie Hartley-Peters thought her youth was her protection against breast cancer and her doctors initially told her the lump she found probably wasn’t cancerous. She was just getting started as a wife and mother and was shocked to learn her lump was more serious than she thought.

She worried about the milestones in her children’s lives she was going to miss. She wanted to be there for her son’s first year and when her daughter started school. She was lucky and got to experience some stages, like her son’s first steps, but cancer took over while she went through surgeries and 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

Hartley-Peters is healthy and planning breast reconstructive surgery but she wants people to know breast cancer doesn’t just happen to post-menopausal women.

If all the Breast Cancer Awareness Month publicity hasn’t encouraged you to check yourself yet (even the men), take a moment to consider everything you could miss out on and do a breast exam. If you don’t know how, visit Touch Yourself, Trust Yourself for a guide and learn what else you can do to stay safe.

Source: The Holland Sentinel