It’s not a cliché: Laughter is the best medicine

We’re fans of laughing, Dan Stolfi built a show around laughing at cancer, and now the Mayo Clinic is telling us it’s ok.

They say it has been proven that you can reduce stress, control pain, improve your immune system, and speed up healing by indulging in things that make you laugh. How? It increases oxygen intake and blood flow. It also takes your mind off of your stressors and provides a feeling of light-hearted release from the heavy weight on your shoulders.

Their article offers a few suggestions on how to induce laughter but my favourite is the bullet point on playing board games. Make sure it’s something like Cranium that aims to take you out of your comfort zone and usually ends when your cheeks are sore from smiling and your abs are sufficiently worked out. (If not, you might need to find a new group to play with.)

If you’re not into board games or you need a quick fix, I’ve never seen anyone watch this video without laughing.

There can be a period of anger post diagnosis, Young Adult Cancer Canada wants to help cancer survivors transition from anger to action and let go of the pain to embrace positivity. Cancer is a journey you’ll never forget but that doesn’t mean you need to stay mad. Laugh!

Source: The Mayo Clinic