Keep that health-related resolution!

imageHealth-related New Year’s resolutions come with a lot of great intentions, but an equal amount of skepticism because we have been falling back into old habits since people began resolving to be healthier after the holidays. All jokes aside, sometimes it does stick, and we believe you can do it. After all, Lisa Bélanger and Sarah O’Hara wrote a whole book about people who made lasting lifestyle changes!

Inspire Me Well: Finding Motivation to Take Control of Your Health (Insomniac Press) features stories about people who were inspired to make healthy decisions, and also offers some great information to help you do the same.

In an email, they said, “As many of you know, we are both highly interested and dedicated to health promotion and education, and through our work and travel have had the opportunity to meet some incredibly inspirational individuals over the last several years. The heart of this book is really about our contributors, who are otherwise seemingly unassuming and hard-working people, but have been inspired to make healthy changes to better their own lives, as well as promote the wellbeing of their families, friends, and communities; in doing so they have each become incredibly inspirational in their own right. In our quest to discover what fuels this healthy behavior, we came up with the concept to develop their stories into a book. Interspersed between contributors’ stories are segments written by us about nutrition and physical activity that focus on making lasting change to promote lifelong health and wellness.”

You can learn more at or their Facebook page.