Localife Calgary: Colin’s ready to retire the viking helmet

April 30, 2014


For our latest and second event this April, we decided on Wings 3.0 at Craft Beer Market, one of largest events yet, with many new faces as well as some of our “regulars.” The evening was fun, casual, and delicious (mmmm…wings). It was a great setting to share a bit of our story, and find out how much we have in common (cancer and otherwise).

This night was also a farewell to Colin, as it would be his last event as our Localife leader. We are so grateful for all the events that Colin has helped to put on over the last two years and we wish Colin all the best in his other pursuits, though we’re sure we will see him at some Localife events down the road!

Michelle and Kevin will now get to work on the next event, and they look forward to planning some new and exciting events for you coming up!

A Bittersweet Farewell

Colin Anderson has been a Localife leader in Calgary for two wonderful years. The partnership he and Michelle made was one that organizers–like me–only dream of. They hit it off straight away and they made sure everyone in their group felt comfortable and included.

As the community knows, Colin is stepping down from his leadership role within Localife. This is where the bittersweet comes in. Because of Colin’s caring, respectful and down to earth personality, I never want to see him leave this role. How many other people would consistently wear a viking helmet in public to make it easy for new members to spot the group? However, wonderful things are happening in his life right now, which make being a Localife leader a little more challenging. For that, I am extremely happy for him.

It is also sweet that, due to Colin’s leaving, we have been introduced to our newest Localife Leader, Kevin. Kevin is eager and able to step into the large shoes that Colin is leaving behind and I just know he will shine in this new position.

Colin, your passion and energy have left its mark on Localife Calgary. We will continue to carry it with   us and we hope you will continue to attend–it just wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you for   all that you have done for Localife, YACC and the whole young adult community. You are a star that we are so proud to say is within our family.

Lesley, Community Engagement Manager, YACC

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