Localife Calgary got a little spooky

October 30, 2014

Hey everyone!

Localife Calgary held its annual pumpkin carve at Wellspring on October 25.

We were so excited to see some old faces, and catch up with everyone. As a group we enjoyed a pizza party and some snacks, as well as some chatting and Halloween festivities.

The pumpkin masterpieces created were all amazing! We forgot candles, but ever resourceful, we just used flashlight app on our smartphones!

Again we had a really great time with everyone, and we forward to seeing everybody again soon. We will update the group on any upcoming events, or plans in the works.

Thanks again everyone, and stay spooky!
Michelle and Kevin

P.S. Thank you to Wellspring Calgary for hosting this event!

LLC E2 Photo 1 Pumpkin Group Shot

LLC E2 Photo Lighted Pumpkins


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