Localife Calgary: “Grub, games, and fire action”

March 9, 2013


For this event we had some cancer pals over to Colin’s place for grub, games, and some fire action.

People started to arrive around 6 p.m. We had made some pizza, healthy snacks, and other treats.

Colin’s li’l guy was able to come hang out with us, as well as another little baby girl. The atmosphere for this event was so relaxed and open. We had two new people come, but the amazing part was that you couldn’t tell they were new. The group was so integrated and fun!


We had a chance to touch base on a lot of issues facing young adults in the cancer world. The conversation, however, was of an extremely light hearted nature.

I would say this was our most successful event yet. People were really able to connect and relax!

Thanks everyone for coming, and we all hope to see you guys soon!

-Colin and Michelle

P.S. Ski day is in the works!

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