Localife Calgary: Lanes and (virtual) links

September 1, 2012

imageLocalife Calgary got together over the Labour Day weekend for a night of low-key, unstructured activities, and we kind of wish we could have been there, too! Read on for Michelle’s recollection of the evening:

We arrived initially at bowling at 4PM; we waited about ten minutes and then got to the action! Chinook Bowladrome was kind enough to give us discounts on the admission costs; Not to mention shoe rental was free.

We had four new survivors, and although there were a couple of variations in where people were at in their journey, we felt as though everyone was able to really enjoy themselves, and show off their bowling skills (Colin).

After playing a couple of games and loosening up, we all headed over to a local pub, Schank’s where we feasted on nachos, fries, and other not-so-healthy snack items (It was great!).

After having a beer, some laughs, and getting to know one another, we all had to make the decision whether to play mini-golf, or virtual golf. We chose the virtual option! It was great because people were able to sit out if they were tired.

That was one aspect of the night that was extremely successful. People were able to choose how many activities they were comfortable in taking part in. By doing this, everyone was able to enjoy the event at their own pace.

We left the pub at around 10 (Past my bed time). On my way home I thought how fortunate we were to have such a great organization at our disposal. It’s always pure magic when people under similar circumstance get together for some casual fun.

Both Colin and I are extremely excited for the future events to come, and the new and old faces we have the pleasure of seeing.

Thanks everyone who was able to make it!


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