Localife Calgary: Movie night

July 14, 2012

The event on Saturday, July 14 was a wonderful success! The fact that people even showed up was a humbling experience. The energy that a strong individual exudes while dealing with, or being touched by, cancer is contagious. Because of this, anybody who shows up to such an intimate event offers something to the group that is completely unique.

What was most exciting about the BBQ was that everyone there was in a different place in their cancer journey. Whether they were a supporter, in remission, or currently going through treatment, we felt as though everybody took something away from the gathering.

We chowed down on munchies and watched The Princess Bride. It was hilarious, manly, and–best of all–viewed within a group of people who were connected in such a way that was unspoken.

We look so forward to what Localife has to offer to Calgary in the future, and we hope to keep connecting with more people. Thank you to the people who showed up, we were blessed to have had you present; to those considering attending, the payback is exponential. Thanks again!


Colin and Michelle

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