Localife Calgary: Pumpkin carving recap

October 27, 2012


The Pumpkin carving on Saturday was extremely fun!  Everybody who attended had been to previous events. It was a very comfortable environment and kind of felt like a family holiday dinner!



Most people dressed up, and others were able to bring their children along! It was wonderful that Wellspring has an area where the kids could play.

As for dinner, we ended up ordering in a couple of pizzas and stuffing our faces to the point of exhaustion (at least I did; I’m not sure about everyone else).

The biggest feedback we got after the event is that people would love it if new people came out to the activities and that we should hold events that encourage conversation among the attendees.


Both Colin and I can agree that we wouldn’t have changed anything about the event. We were both very happy with the turnout and the level of connection.

Thanks everyone who could make it out this weekend. We look forward to adding new members to our growing community and continuing to share stories and have fun together!


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